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Zoogol is free to start, Support and scale

Become a Partner

Zoogol is a highly innovative and advanced platform where every buyer gets to become a micro partner instead of just remaining a customer

Get your Zkey - Your Key to Free

Upon Sign up, Zoogol Micro Partner receives a code known Zkey. This key opend the door to extra cashbacks, moneybacks and awesome earnings

No Buying Compulsions

No Buying Compulsions for any purchase

No Time Limits

There are no time limits for any purchase

Earn 111% Moneyback

Buyers can buy and make it free by earning 111% moneyback everytime almost everywhere online and even instore.

Cashbacks & Moneyback Again & Again

Buyers can earn 111% Moneyback on unlimited purchases

Why buy through Zoogol ?

All Products & services

Zoogol include almost all products, services and brands

All Brands

Zoogol offers its customers a vast range of brands in all categories

Buy Online or Instore

Zoogol offers its buyers more then 300+ leading websites and 3000+ leading stores in about 30+ cities and growing everyday....

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Zoogol works with Online Merchants

Shop from more than 300+ leading websites, buy and make it free

Zoogol works with Instore Merchants

Zoogol offers its customers 3000+ leading stores in about 30+ cities and growing everyday....

Get Extra Cashback + Earn 111%* Moneyback

Same Product, Same Merchant, Same Price, Same Offers and then get extra cashback and earn 111%* moneyback.

Get all Offers + Extra Cashback + Earn Moneyback

In most of the cases, Zoogol Micro Partner can get all offers, Special payment plans, discount and then get extra cashback plus earn and 111%* moneyback.

Suggest a Merchant

Partner can suggest their favorite merchants to Zoogol for more cashbacks

Why 111% Moneyback is easy?

Zoogol is easy to share

In these times of social media, sharing anything is simple and fast. And sharing Zoogol is Profitable.... very very profitable

Existing to Share

Almost Zero Time Spent

Sharing Zoogol does not take much time. Simply click the ready templates and share on Whatsapp, facebook, email and other social medias.

How it Works Videos

With self explanatory presentations and how it works Videos, Zoogol is easy to understand and share

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Social Media Campaigns

Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter and other social media campaign help you understand better and share

Partner Support System

Highly innovative and advanced Partner Support System makes earning 111% cashback easier

Support of CBAs

Zoogol Micro Partners can seek help from Cash Back Angels who are well trained to guide and advise. With their help earning moneyback become even more easier

11 Minutes Sharing Campaign

How sharing Zoogol bring Cashbacks + Moneybacks !

Partner Shares the idea of Zoogol with friends

Friends appreciate the Idea

Some of the friends Sign up

Friend Circle 1

The Friends you personally invite become your friend circle 1

Friend Circle 2

Your friends Share it further. Their friends sign up and make your friend circle 2

They Share it further

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You keep earning in your moneyback account

All Friends get the same benefits

You, Your Friends and their friends get Moneybacks.

How Cashback Works !

Merchants pay Zoogol - Zoogol pays Partners

ABCD - Advertising Based Cashback Design

Micro Input bring Macro Output

Receive Micro Money

On every purchase in the friend circles, Micro Partner receives Micro Money in his account which leads to earning 111% moneyback

Micro Money brings Macro Moneyback

The Micro Money which gets deposited in the form of small earning brings large amount of moneyback

Upgrade Option to Start Earning

Zoogol Micro partner can upgrade to Cash Back Angel. Open the floodgates of awesome earnings

Make Everything Free

It can't get easier than this