Shop at the Website and Get Cashbacks + Earn Moneybacks via Zoogol

  • Begin your Shopping with ZoogolVisit and select your favourite website then make your Purchase.
  • Zoogol pays you the cashback not shopping website.Zoogol will pay you for your shopping. The online store has no liability to pay cashback.
  • Before buying empty your shopping cartEmpty your shopping cart before you visit the website via
  • Clear your browser cookies.Clear your browser cookies before shopping.
  • How you make payment?Payment using gift vouchers/cards or store credit may not be eligible for cashback.
  • Buy in the same session.Complete your shopping after going to website within the same session via
  • Cashback on bill amountEarn cashback on final bill amount that you pay at the store excluding taxes & shipping.
  • Disable or pause your browers AdblockersUse of Adblockers prevents orders and cashback from getting tracked. Disable or pause your browser Adblocker (if you use one) before you click - through to any store via

Terms & Conditions

  • To earn Cashback, visit website via Zoogol and then shop.
  • To start earning Cashback, you must complete your purchase in the same session after clicking from Zoogol.
  • Don't close the website while shopping. If you do, you must again click through Zoogol to start a new session.
  • You will not get cashback, if you pay for your order using retailers' credits, gift cards or vouchers.
  • Make sure your shopping cart is empty when you click through to the store from Zoogol. If you add products before you click via Zoogol, your purchase will not track.
  • Don't click on other links to go to a website or click on pop-up ads while searching and shopping.
  • Do not visit any other price comparison, coupon or deal site before placing your order. Else your Cashback will not be tracked.
  • Don't open multiple tabs of a website. Make sure the website is opened only via Zoogol. If you want to shop some more after checking out the first time, you must go back to Zoogol and click back through to the website again.
  • Cashback is not payable if you return any part of your order. Even if you exchange any part of your order, Cashback will be Cancelled.
  • Cashback will not be paid on VAT, delivery, card payment fees, taxes or any other additional charges.

General Questions

How Can I Earn 111% Cashback?

Simple, just follow the easy steps below to earn cashback:

  • 1. Login to website
  • 2. Search for the retailer you want to shop on
  • 3. Click-out to their website by clicking on 'Visit the Website' or 'Grab Deal'
  • 4. Shop and pay on the retailer's site like you normally do.
  • 5. Once your purchase has been tracked by our system, you'll be eligible for earning cashback on your purchase.
  • 6. Invite your friends, colleagues and family member to Join Zoogol. When anyone like the idea of 111% cashback and signs up with Zoogol using your ZKey, they become partners in your friend Circle 1 and now your friends do just the same and invite their friends, when their friends join they form your friend circle 2 and so on, you get connected till friend circle 11.
  • 7. Now anytime, anyone in all 11 friend circles buys anything through Zoogol Value Merchants, you will get micro money as a cashback and it will reflect in your virtual cashback first and then approved cashback. You receive micro money till the 111% of the value of your purchase (Max 1.11 Lacs). Once you achieve 111% Cashback Successfully. You may start earning again till the next 111% cashback on your purchase.

Why I didn't get Cashback on my Purchases?

Once you buy anything via Zoogol, you get cashback eligibility only. For earning cashback you need to share the idea of 111% Cashback through mailing, calling, meeting or messaging to your friends, as you do on daily basis. When your friends like the idea of 111% cashback and signs up with Zoogol, your friends get automatically added to your friend circles. When anyone buys anything in all of 11 friend circles through Zoogol Value Merchants, you earn cashback as micro money and will reflect in your virtual cashback section.

Do I get an Instant Cashback upon Purchasing via Zoogol?

No. Zoogol is not an instant cashback website. Buyer becomes eligible to earn 111% Cashback on the value of his purchases(max 1.11 lacs). You need to share the idea of Zoogol further to earn cashback.

What does the Virtual Cashback mean?

When anyone, buys anything in all 11 friend circles through Zoogol Value Merchants, you will get micro money as cashback and it will reflect in your virtual cashback. Cancellations can affect the amount of virtual cashbacks.

What does the Approved Cashback mean?

After the due verifications, approvals and financial processing with the merchants, the Virtual Cashback shows in the approved cashback gets approved over a period of time and is thus reflected in approved cashback section which you can transfer to your bank once it reaches 1 Macro i.e Rs.1,100. we can pay the money to your Indian bank account via NEFT. We can also transfer the amount to other payment channels provided.

About Paytm

Paytm is India's largest mobile commerce platform. It started by offering mobile recharge and utility bill payments and today it offers a full marketplace to consumers on its mobile apps. They have over 25 Million registered users. In a short span of time Paytm has scaled to more than 20 Million orders per month. Paytm's mobile wallet is used by more than 20 Million users to pay for various services.

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