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Do your friends a real favor by Inviting them to Zoogol. Be assured that your friends will thank you for sharing Zoogol as it will give them an unparalleled opportunity to earn 111% Cashback on their purchases. And when they purchase you get cash in your cashback account. So its an awesome Win Win. Do not wait. Invite your friends and include them in your circles or else they might receive invitation to start Zoogol from someone else and you would lose the opportunity to earn out of your own close friends and their friends and their friends...

Terms and Conditions

The applicant is required to read thoroughly and understand the terms and conditions, policies, procedures, code of ethics and business opportunities of the website as given below :

Sharing on Zoogol is free and upon sign up micro partnership is offered for a period of 1 year. However it is extendable for a further period.

Zoogol reserves the right to withdraw or amend or cancel the micro partnership at any time; with or without notice.

Zoogol reserves the right to cancel the sharing and inviting program whole or in part; with or without prior notice at any time without assigning any reason.

A partner earns only when a referred friend signs up as a partner and make purchases.

The amount of cashback depends on the value and category of purchases

A partner is connected with 11 friend circles and receives cashback earnings from purchases of 11 friend circles. For more terms and conditions click this link.