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A cashback website is a type of reward website that pays its members a share of money earned when they purchase goods and services via its listed merchants.
ZVM stands for Zoogol Value Merchant, i.e. the vendors who are in the arrangement with us. ZMP is Zoogol Micro Partner is the one who signs up as a partner free on Zoogol website and promotes the name and cause of website.
CBA is Cash Back Angel is the one who creates awareness about Zoogol in a more professional way.
Z key is a unique set of numbers and alphabets provided to every ZMP (buyer) signing with Zoogol. The Z key has to be provided every time he makes a purchase offline from a ZVM (merchant) in order to be eligible for a cashback.
ABCD is Advertising Based Cashback Design. It is the formula designed to distribute cashback to the micro partners.
You just have to spread awareness into your friend circles and as they sign up free with Zoogol, you become eligible for cashback on their purchases.
No. For joining you don't have to provide anything. It is free. You just need to fill in the joining form and agree to the term and conditions.
No. it is effortless, free and almost no time consuming process. You just have to create awareness by mailing, calling, meeting or messaging your friends as you do on daily basis. As your friend signs up with Zoogol, he/she is automatically added to your friend list.
The friend who sign up upon your invitation are going to use your z-key while signing up. This z-key connects your friends to you in friend circle 1 and onwards up till friend circle 11.
No. you friends stay in your circle and keep earning you cashback until that limit of Rs. 11 Lac has been reached.
You have to make sure that you click on the logo of the website on Zoogol so that your purchase is recorded. You should be logged in to make purchases for all online websites. After you receive the invoice , go to your dashboard, click the picture of invoice and upload with the details in the upload purchase link.
If you purchase in-store or offline (through telephone etc.) make sure you ask for the merchant z-key to update the same in your account by clicking on upload purchase link. You also need to upload the clear picture of your valid invoice/bill. ( Upload Purchase -- watch Video )
No. Just simply sign up as a buyer.
No. we will try our best to save you from any junk mail. To receive our notifications please add our email address to your contact list so that mails we send you are reflected in your inbox and not in your spam.


The cashbacks you receive out of the transactions is usually small depending upon the purchase. This amount is called micro money or micros. Usually micro money or micros range from Rs. 1 to Rs. 1100. At Rs. 1100 it becomes a macro. These micros add up to make macro i.e. a great amount of cashback.
One micro is equal to Re 1.
Macro is the highest amount of micros that on single purchase can be earned in the cashback account of a partner. 1100 micros make 1 macro.
One macro is equal to 1100 micros or 1 macro is equal to 1100 rupees.
In a monthly cycle, partners can earn a maximum cashback of Rs. 1.11 lacs on a purchase of Rs 1 Lacs in single or all purchases combined.
There is no limit to the number of invitations you can send or number of friends you can have in any of your circles. The people you add are going to be you friend circle 1, the people they add further are going to be your friend circle 2 and henceforth up till friend circle 11. So referring even a minimum number of people will lead you to have a vast circle which means it should be relatively very easy to earn your cashback provided your friends make purchases.
The maximum cashback in a single purchase (invoice) cannot be more than Rs. 1, 11,000/- i.e. a purchase of 1 lac is maximum eligible amount for cash back. An invoice of more than 1 lac is also going to be eligible for Rs. 1, 11,000/- only.
In a lifetime, a buyer (ZMP) can have a total of Rs. 11 lac as cashback. After that he has to start up with another ID all over again.
Yes. Zoogol can provide you cashback but as it is clearly said the cashback is earned only at Zoogol value merchant (ZVM) stores (online and Instore). So if that merchant confirms a purchase on your end, you can earn a cashback. However we can transfer the cashback only in the Indian Bank Account.
No. only Zoogol is authorized to answer any queries related to cashback. So call our helpline or drop a mail.
There is no time period as such it depends on the price of the product you purchased and the purchases made by people in your friend circles. It will usually take longer for the first cashback but once your friends circles grow, the number of purchases will also grow and cashbacks will be much faster.
When you buy and upload a product the 111% cashback is reflected in your pending or eligible or virtual cashback account which shows you have become eligible for the same. When you or your friends make other purchases the cashback gets approved over a period of time and is thus reflected in approved cashback section and this is the amount you can use for shopping more or redeem directly from Zoogol. You can even request for a cheque or cash transfer in your bank account.
Yes. You will be required to provide us you bank details & certain information confirming to know your customer KYC norms and also provide PAN Card copy.
No. when you refer or add someone in your circle, you don't get paid. You get a cashback only after they make a purchase and that cashback is not a fixed amount. Zoogol gets money in the form of commissions from merchants for all the purchases buyers make through it and that amount is shared by Zoogol with its buyers. That amount depends on the price of the item and other factors and is solely decided by Zoogol.
Yes. Everyone who signs up with Zoogol is eligible to earn cashback. Your friends send referrals and make their own friend circles up to friend circle 11.
After you have achieved 111% cashback, you can shop with that or you can directly request the cashback in form of a money transfer or a cheque.
There could be various choices provided on the website for the transfer of your cashback. You can also choose to transfer the cashback amount to your bank account.
Upon successful Sign up as a Zoogol Micro Partner, as the first reward every partner can pick and choose one product from the free product listing page. He can earn the product free simply by inviting & sharing Zoogol among his friend circle. ( See Videos )
Zoogol provides the cashback. Whatever Zoogol gets from its merchants, it gives some share to the buyers and keeps a very small share for itself.
No. signing up with Zoogol is free of cost. Micro partnership is also offered free of cost.

My Account

No. one partner is allowed one account only. If multiple accounts are detected cashback will be cancelled
You have to open the site and follow a simple set of steps to sign up with us. It is necessary to create an account. Because only after creating an account you can get a z-key to be used to trace your offline purchases and also you will have to follow links and make purchases through Zoogol in order to be eligible for a cashback. Also it is the z-key through which a partner gets connected to his friend circles.
Go to main page, click forgot username or password link. Zoogol will send new password to your email id.
If you do not provide your z-key for any reasons, get in touch with the partner support at Zoogol. You can also raise your details in untraced purchase section of your dashboard.
Nobody except you or Zoogol has right to see any information on your profile like cashback earned or purchases made etc.
Yes. It shares necessary information with merchants to ensure follow up of your purchase and cashback
Zoogol cannot help you in that case as the site is meant to act under the instructions from your ID. So you are advised to take care of secrecy of your password

Orders & Payment

The cashback is reflected in pending cashback section. It is reflected after a short span of time appropriate enough for Zoogol to register your purchase. If your cashback is not reflected then probably either the merchant has not registered the purchase with us or the same has not approved our commission for the same as there is a chance of exchange or cancellation of purchase. So kindly wait.
If you do not get a cashback at all for a purchase then either the merchant has moved out of agreement with Zoogol or has denied paying any commission to Zoogol due to a conflict. In this case the cashback stands cancelled.
It can only be due to the fact that the merchant has changed the share of commission provided to us hence the same has been changed for you. So please visit the page of that merchant again to check the latest updates on it. It is a very rare event as Zoogol updates every information as soon as possible. If you still have a doubt feel free to contact our helpline.
It happens when you have exchanged the product and the cashback has gone under reconsideration or if the merchant and Zoogol get into a conflict and merchant refuses to pay the commission
You receive cashback from 11 friend circles.
No. your cashback earnings purely depend on your friend circles and their purchases. More purchase means more cashback earnings.
Absolutely Not. Zoogol pays cashbacks out of the commission it gets from the merchants.
You get the full amount only after the TDS deductions.
Zoogol pays you, not the merchant.
No. You can request a cashback whenever it reaches Rs. 1100 or its multiples. The cashback can only be transferred online.
You can find any kind of merchants ranging from Electronics, Computers, Health, Real Estate, Furniture, Jewellery, Automobiles to grocery etc.
When the cashback earnings in my account match the value of the chosen product. The partner has to request the delivery of the product from his page.
It is reflected in your account and you can check it by clicking on cashback (pending or approved) button.
Yes. You can upgrade your account. For that you need to make a blue tag purchase, submit your interest and quality for becoming a CBA ( Cashback Angels ). Visit Link - earn with Zoogol.
Yes if you have any product or service which might be of use to Zoogol buyers. Get in touch with Zoogol Collaboration team. ( Visit Zoogol Merchants Website )
On a single purchase maximum Rs. 1.11 lacs cashback is allowed and in one month maximum Rs. 1.11 lacs cashback is allowed but in multiple purchases the rest of the cashback gets carried forward to the next month . However the maximum cashback earning potential for every micro partner is Rs 11 lacs.


Zoogol cannot help you in that case as the site is meant to act under the instructions from your ID. So you are advised to take care of secrecy of your password

Online & Instore Purchase

No. You need to first sign in and then visit the partner merchant by clicking on the logo/link of that merchant.
Zoogol cannot help you with purchases. If you have made a wrong purchase please contact the respective merchant if he can offer an exchange etc. and the cashback will be reconsidered accordingly.
You contact the respective merchant after following link from Zoogol for that matter. Cashback will be reconsidered in case the exchange happens,
Go to suggest a merchant in the suggest section of the website and ssubmit your merchant suggestion. Our collaboration team will get in touch with the merchant and try to include in our listing.
You can find any kind of merchants ranging from Electronics, Computers, Health, Real Estate, Furniture, Jewellery, Automobiles to grocery etc.
Yes. You have to sign up and follow links from Zoogol only in order to be eligible for a cashback. However you can click the save password option in your system so you don't have to do the process again on the same system.