About US

Small Smart Start is an initiative to promote small business initiatives with micro investments. We arrange investment for ideas and bring ideas to investment. We aspire to play a small but significant role in the active and healthy start up eco system thats gaining its strong grounds in India.

We advise, enable, engage and gather up the tools and recourses needed to start up and scale up. Having a sound business experience pool and advisory panel of the entrepreneurs who have done it all, we are in a responsible and able position to manage and mentor the startups right from the onset. All we need them is to make a small smart start with us. Drop the anchors and let it sail. The future holds promise of a prosperous and soulful existence.

We are a group of entrepreneurs ourselves engaged in the task of developing solutions that provide macro outputs with micro inputs for everyone involved. Continuesly learning and constantly improving in the last more than a decade, we have developed tools, skills, ideas, processes, collaborations and resources that will help the new entrepreneurs ease their entrance into newer initiatives, start with small safe investments and tread their way with ease to big success.