About Us

Our vision:

ERC MAX Ventures (P) Limited is a platform for creating wealth along with your local grocery buying. We are a low-price online supermarket that allows you to order products across all grocery categories. Not only this ERC MAX Ventures (P) Limited gives you an opportunity to cash in your regular grocery buying. This is an experience of a kind.

You can order without the hassle of going into a store and ordering. Just jump online to the internet and start ordering.

Who We Are

ERC MAX Ventures (P) Limited is a visionary idea of entrepreneurs who believe in giving back to the world. We have always thought why grocery buying is so boring? even though this is a recurring process of every month, we have starved to find a way for every Indian to make money while they shop with us. This is the reason ERC MAX Ventures (P) Limited was born to help everyone get a ERC MAX Ventures (P) Limited their spendings. Our technology is catering not only to the urban population but also the rural INDIA. We are bringing the grocery buying experience online.

We believe that the ecosystem that we have built will help the average Indian to self sustain using our business model or generate an extra income using the usual ways of shopping. If you want to be a part of this change Join our network today.

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