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Zoogol is a cashback website, first of its kind that offers extra Cashback and the opportunity to earn 111%* Moneyback to its customers. Buyers become Partners & easily work towards making everything free after buying via Zoogol.

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Get Extra Cashback + Earn 111% Moneyback via Zoogol

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Zoogol offers every buyer to become a partner instead of just remaining a customer. Zoogol’s partnership is unique and is free of any investment or liabilities. Its just rewards, rewards and rewards

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Just buy your favourite brands via Zoogol listed merchants and get real possibility to make them free. Zoogol through its Online and Instore partner merchants bring to its customers thousands of brands across all product categories. Go pick your favourite one and make it free.

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With an ever expanding list, chances are that your nearby stores get included in Zoogol’s cashback program.

If your favourite store is not there. You can get it listed by suggesting it to Zoogol.

Upload bill and get extra cashback plus be eligible to earn 111% moneyback.

Sharing one time - Moneyback lifetime

All you need to do is invite a few friends one single time
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You can earn moneyback when your
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Those who want to earn more
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