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Those who started investing in ideas could not look anywhere else but more ideas. While they make grand return on investment, they also become a reason to change the world. Ideas don't need huge investments, most of the time they need someone to nod in agreement with a little excitement and shine in the eyes. There' s no doubt that today's idea will change tomorrow's world. They'll bring pleasure, pride and prosperity to those who believe in them today, before anyone. We invite you to be a part of some ideas that excite us and we firmly believe they're going to shape up to shake up the world that we are yet to see.

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Rs. 5.55 Lakhs

Non working monthly income

Rs. 5,500 to Rs. 1.11 Lakhs/month

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Rs. 11,11,000

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Investment Rs. 5.55 Lakhs
Non working income
Total returns Rs. 11,11,000
Time frame 3 years approx
Income starts from 2nd month
Handsome monthly returns

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Additional Income with working

In case you work just one hour a day, Zoogol offers
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Additional Income - Upto Rs. 1.44 Lakhs/month

Limited franchises available

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